Kelvin Chng

Achieved over 1 Million Dollar in 2018

Millionaire Producer & Your Trainer

Kelvin Chng has been a consistent TOP 10 producer for the past few years. In 2018, he achieved his 1 Million Sales. He stepped up from his comfort zone and joined Propnex in the last week of August 2019. In his first month with Propnex, He attained his first Super Platinum Award, by achieving more than 250,000 sales commission in a month.

In this new digital era, internet marketing is the key to succeed. He is the pioneer among the realtors who uses internet marketing to prospect. Having 10 years of experiences in internet marketing, he knows the top secrets to succeed. Few realtors reach the highest pinnacle in real estate because they never find the trade secrets that lie within internet marketing.

He is now building a dynamic team to pass on his experiences and million-dollar closing skills to his team.

If you are having a downtime in your current career, be it new or experience realtor, or for those who are keen to explore into this career, as long as you have a strong desire to excel, let’s have a chat to find the possibilities in your career!


Years of Annual Top 11 Producer In Entire Company

Commulative Commission Achieved from a Single Project!

Over Units Sold in a Single Project!

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– Linkon Kris

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